Best ways to introduce the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle to your horse

Best ways to introduce the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle to your horse

Whether your horse has used a traditional grazing muzzle in the past or has never worn one before, it is always a good idea to take some time to introduce your horse to a new type of muzzle. The quicker the adjustment, the less likely you will have issues such as the horse trying to remove the muzzle. All the more reason to take just a few extra steps to ensure a successful adjustment.

Note: Horses who have used a traditional grazing muzzle previously actually have to re-learn how to use the GreenGuard muzzle. Whereas traditional muzzles have a hole in the middle, the GreenGuard has slots on the sides. Horses may get frustrated initially because they are trying to get grass from the center. Just stick with it and follow the steps below - they will figure it out!

IMPORTANT: Start by making sure you have a 1” space at the bottom of the muzzle (about the width of your hand). This space allows the horse to move around and use the bottom of the muzzle like a slow feeder. If there is not enough space, the muzzle will not function properly and may rub the chin. If you notice the straps are pulling the muzzle up against the nose after fitting the muzzle, then we suggest wrapping a piece of tape around them to keep them flat.

If possible, turn your horse out in a small area or hand graze so you can keep a close eye on them and make adjustments to the fit if needed. Also, try to introduce them on grass that is around 2”-3" long as this shorter length is easiest for grazing. Start by poking grass through the bottom of the muzzle to show your horse how to eat through it. Then allow them some time to figure it out. Some horses figure it out faster than others. All of them will eventually figure it out. Even if they sulk or are frustrated initially, they *will* keep trying to eat. They are horses after all! The good news is that once they figure out how the muzzle works, most of them (even houdinis!) will accept the muzzle easily.



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