Why Is It Square? Because Air!

Why Is It Square? Because Air!

greenguard muzzle shape

With horses, fit is important. You want a saddle that conforms to your horse's back, so there are no pressure points. You want a bridle that holds the bit in the horse's mouth in just the right position. Your horse's shoes need to match their hoof shape.

So when you see a big, square muzzle that we promise will be comfortable on your horse's face, you are skeptical. Why on earth would you put a square muzzle on your horse's round nose? 

One word: AIR.

The square design gives your horse room to breathe because it puts lots of open space in the corners around the nostrils. A round design, on the other hand, collapses over the nostrils, blocking air and making it more difficult for your horse to breathe. So why square? Because Air! 



 why is the greenguard muzzle square

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