How GreenGuard restricts intake with so many holes

How GreenGuard restricts intake with so many holes

By Rhiannon Kincaid

Up until recently, GreenGuard has been an online company, selling exclusively through the internet. But for the Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event, we decided to bring our muzzles out of the warehouse and show them to people, directly. The result was the chance to talk to many people, hearing their concerns and talking about how the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle can solve their problems. 

One comment we heard, over and over, was "My horse will eat too much grass with all of those holes!" 

This is a very understandable reaction! When you are used to grazing muzzles that have one hole in the center, so much open space in the GreenGuard Muzzle certainly feels like your horse is going to get too much grass. But the genius of the GreenGuard design is that it allows all this air flow, but still restricts grazing. How?

Horses get the most grass from the center area of a grazing muzzle. Because the GreenGuard muzzle has no center opening, horses have to work harder to get grass from the side openings, which significantly reduces their intake. In fact, we have had some customers say that their horses actually get *less* grass in the GreenGuard muzzle compared to their traditional muzzle!
Of course, intake depends on many factors, including the type and length of your grass and your horse’s grazing style, so if your horse is still getting too much grass with the GreenGuard muzzle, we have a way to help you out. After your horse has figured out how to eat with the muzzle, simply cover some of the holes with tape to further restrict access. 

In the end, it is possible for your horse to have plenty of air flow and have restricted access to grass. 

We know it seems too good to be true, but don't take our word for it, read our testimonials!



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