Fitting Instructions

Safety Notes

  • The muzzle straps are designed to break away for safety purposes. We also recommend using a breakaway halter with your muzzle for additional safety.
  • CAUTION: Check to ensure muzzle fits in your horse's water source. Horse and pony size muzzles may not fit in automatic waterers with diameters less than 11 inches.
  • Your horse will not be able to access a salt/mineral block through the muzzle. If wearing the muzzle for long periods of time, supplements may be necessary.
  • ALL GRAZING MUZZLES POSE SOME RISK OF TEETH WEAR due to the fact that the horse's teeth may rub against the interior surface of the muzzle. To reduce this risk, wash the muzzle regularly to remove dirt and sand. You should check horse's front teeth weekly, and if there are any signs of abnormal wear, discontinue use. 

GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle Angle

Many of the issues we see with the GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle can be corrected by adjusting the angle of the muzzle by lengthening and shortening the muzzle straps. The muzzle's grazing surface should be parallel to your horse's teeth. Kara gives you an in-depth look at getting the best possible angle for your equine's comfort and ease of grazing. 


How to Fit a GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle

greenguard grazing muzzle fitting orientation

1. Position muzzle. The correct orientation of the GreenGuard muzzle is 3 slots to the front and 5 slots to each side. The front of the muzzle has a "greenguard" logo. Note that the muzzle is not symmetrical; if the muzzle is fitted sideways, your horse may not be able to fully open their mouth.

attach greenguard muzzle to halter

 2. Attach straps to muzzle. Attach front strap to the ring on your halter's noseband. Attach the back strap under the horse's chin. Attach straps on either side to the halter's noseband or eyelets so that they hang perpendicular to the noseband. 

greeenguard grazing muzzle fitting adjustments

3. Adjust the straps so that there is about 1 inch of space between the bottom of the muzzle and your horse's mouth, or about a half an inch for a mini pony. Fitted correctly, the muzzle should move freely around a horse's mouth. If it is fitted too tightly, it can lead to rubbing problems. 

adjust angle of greenguard grazing muzzle

4. Adjust the straps so that the bottom of the GreenGuard muzzle is parallel to the ground when your horse is grazing. For further fitting tips, we have a handy tutorial video to lead you through the fitting process, and one on getting the best possible angle.


 Additional Tips for Fitting a GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle

securing muzzle straps to halter

Tip: Securing straps. Our newer straps have an additional back keeper bar. After you attach the strap to the muzzle, sliding it through the back keeper will prevent the strap from flopping about.

greenguard muzzle rubbing issues

Tip: Resolving rubbing issues. The GreenGuard muzzle is designed to fit larger and more loosely than traditional grazing muzzles. The fit is based on bit size so that it has play around a horse's nose and mouth. For detailed solutions to rubbing problems, check here.

Tips for Houdini Horses and Other Escape Artists

We have heard and seen just about everything when it comes to Houdini horses, those horses who seem to be able to escape every muzzle. 

horse getting out of grazing muzzle


Have More Questions? Just Ask!

If you'd like another copy of the instructions that come with GreenGuard grazing muzzles, you can download the latest version in a single pdf. 
GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle Instructions.

If you have any questions, problems, or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us! We take great pride in our product, and your satisfaction is very important to us.


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