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Muzzle Insert - Standard

Muzzle Insert - Standard

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Made from a soft, pliable material with a curved shape that matches the bottom muzzle surface curvature, this non-toxic insert simply snaps into your GreenGuard muzzle! 

    The "standard" insert has the same pattern and size openings as the muzzle. Reasons you may want to consider using an insert: 

    • Protect your muzzle from excessive wear and prolong its life 
    • Have a softer material for your horse's grazing surface (you will still need to check for signs of teeth wear just with in any type of grazing muzzle, but the softer material may help with wear issues)


    Sizes: Available in horse and pony muzzle sizes. No mini size available at this time.

    CAUTION: Please ensure your horse is comfortable grazing in the GreenGuard muzzle prior to using insert!



    Here's a thorough introduction to the GreenGuard muzzle insert

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