About Us

Based in Durham, North Carolina, GG Equine's mission is to improve the health and well-being of horses that must wear a grazing muzzle, with the belief that horses out on pasture are happier than those confined to a stall. Why are we so passionate about these muzzles?

After finding my "houdini" horse with his basket muzzle anywhere but on him, I gave up on traditional grazing muzzles. A friend showed me her GreenGuard, which she was using successfully on a foundered mustang and notorious escape artist pre-GreenGuard. I was skeptical about its shape, larger size, and all the holes, but desperate to try to find a muzzle that stayed on and was comfortable for my horse. 

GG Equine President April and her late Soul Horse, Addicks
GG Equine President & Founder, April Chester, and her "houdini horse" Addicks

Talk about a game changer! From the moment I tried the GreenGuard on my horse, he never again tried to get his grazing muzzle off. He also didn't mind putting it on, whereas he used to turn away, give you the stink eye, or sulk. When he was grazing he acted like he wasn't even wearing anything. I could not believe it. Not only was he much more comfortable, he actually lost weight too. In my 30 years of being an equestrian, I had never seen results like these from a single product.

After this experience, I became a GreenGuard evangelist. Any chance I got, I would tell people my story. There were so many other people with the exact same issues with traditional muzzles who were looking for something better. The problem was that GreenGuard muzzles were extremely hard to find in the US. No one could get them. 

Hence GG Equine was born in 2014. Since then we have brought thousands of horses in the US and Canada a more comfortable and healthier life. We have also added our own GG Equine brand products including halters and muzzle accessories. We are constantly looking to improve upon and add products that make horses happier and healthier with the goal to make wearing a grazing muzzle as comfortable an experience as possible for horses that need them. 


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