Muzzle Sizing

Muzzle Sizing (U.S. and Canada only)

Your horse's bit size is the best estimate for GreenGuard muzzle size. Need help figuring out bit size? Check out our handy bit-size guide, then consult the chart below for the corresponding muzzle size. Note that this sizing guide is for U.S. and Canada as we are the North American distributor only. These muzzles should fit much larger than traditional grazing muzzles. If your horse is between sizes, we recommend getting the larger size because if the muzzle is too small it may rub.

How to Measure Your Horse's Bit Size:

CAUTION: Horse and Pony sizes may not fit in some types of automatic waterers if the diameter is less than 11 inches. Make sure the muzzle will fit in your horse's water source before ordering. See our article Automatic Waterers and Your Greenguard Muzzle or click here for a quick reference table of compatible waterers.

warmblood grazing muzzle size