GreenGuard Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations -- videos, blog, forum, and Facebook group posts, as well as mentions in popular equine publications -- are the heart of any small business. We have heard from many horse, pony, and donkey owners over the years about the improvements they've seen in their animals' health and happiness while using a GreenGuard Grazing Muzzle.   

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Real People, Real Horses, Real Results

We've got loads of testimonials transcribed just below, but if you want to ask someone about their GreenGuard muzzle experience, it's super easy! Take a look at our Instagram page, which is populated with customer photos. We firmly believe that real customer experience is the best advertising.

We always ask permission to share, and always tag our customers where possible to make reaching out that much easier. It's as simple as clicking their profile and writing a comment on one of their photos! You know how horse people are; when they find a product they like and trust, they'll bend your ear off about it.

Customer Reviews:

  • Ginny M. of Ginny's Horse Product Review. Ginny provides extra content, context, and analysis on her website. You can read about her path to finding GreenGuard here

  • Julianna M. of the Bucking Good Ride YouTube channel gives a thorough, in-progress, deep-dive look into her horse Buck's first month of wearing the GreenGuard muzzle. She also goes into detail about the features and construction of our premium breakaway halters. 

  • Lucy C. of Lucy Chester Horsemanship says that "GreenGuard have been keeping Tao trim since 2013! I tried so many different muzzles, but this was the only one that didn't end up trashed or broken within hours. It's very open and airy, so he accepts it. He can still happily eat, drink and play but it significantly reduces his grass intake which means he can stay out in the field longer with his friends. I love this product."
  • Jordán Linstedt of Jordán Linstedt Eventing (5* Event Rider) says, "I love my GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles because they are truly are the most comfortable grazing muzzle on the market. The GreenGuards are made out of a flexible but durable material that does not absorb moisture, they help limit grass intake as much as other muzzles but they are much more comfortable, lighter, and cooler with an open design."

    Jordán Linstedt in action
    Jordán Linstedt in action  

  • Danielle K. of Horse Junkies United rates the GreenGuard grazing muzzle at "10/10 would recommend." You can read her full, in-depth review by following this link.
  • Alanna M. of the Pony Express blog writes: "If you are fighting the grazing muzzle battle, buy a Greenguard muzzle. You won't regret it. It was worth every penny I paid! .... Seriously, life changing!" Read her full story here.
  • Kaylee W. writes that "They are a more premium muzzle than your typical economy one from a tack store. My mare had 100 issues with normal cheap muzzles. Would eat through the nylon and plastic. The GreenGuard is working out much better and I got lime green so i can spy on her with binoculars to see if it's still on. Its been a life changer. My mare is able to stay out with her friends now without being at danger from foundering and laminitis from weight issues. She is now a healthy weight and has never gotten this muzzle off or even tried to."

    greenguard grazing muzzle reviews
    Kaylee's Quarter Horse, Tyree, wearing a lime GreenGuard grazing muzzle.
  • Beverly F. of Bee Haven Acres Farm, like many equine owners, went through a "continuing saga" of horse muzzles before turning to GreenGuard. Beverly says, "My horses adjusted to them in no time. The muzzle reduces their intake significantly...which, with easy-keepers like ours, is perfect." Read more about Bev's experience
  • Carri S. says, "Four years ago I purchased my (now-25-year old) mare, Lissie, who was 200 lbs overweight.  I was able to get some of the weight off ... and then she foundered. Before she foundered, I had refused to keep her inside for weight loss and had refused to use any of the muzzles I had, at that time, found. They were all so very barbaric looking. They always reminded me of something Hannibal Lecter would be wearing! My farrier had been warning me that if I didn't get all the weight off she would most likely founder...and while I was TRYING to get the weight off, her lush pasture was ZERO help...and she foundered.
    I thought we were done. I thought she would never be out with her boys again. I spent 5 hours a day at the barn, every day, icing her legs, weighing and soaking her hay, and PRAYING.  It was a grueling several months.  During that time I found GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles online and IMMEDIATELY liked the look of it and purchased one. 
    Six months after she foundered, because of this muzzle, I was able to start putting Lissie out to pasture for part of the day. 
    Unfortunately my girl is a binge eater, so I actually started her out with taping several of the holes in the muzzle to really limit her intake of grass. As time went on I was able to uncover holes and keep her out longer. I am happy to say that today my beautiful girl is her ideal weight, is sound - even with a 10-degree rotation - and out in pasture with her boys 24/7 (except for breakfast and dinner!), and she is LOVING life!  She happily drops her head into her muzzled halter and has never tried to get it off of her head.  GreenGuard Grazing Muzzles are TRULY instrumental in maintaining my mare's weight and in her every day happiness! Thank you GreenGuard!
  • Painting Pony says, "We felt the GreenGuard muzzle made the ponies move their mouths around more to get the grass which kept them busier, and, in turn, happier about the fact that they had to wear a muzzle at all!"
  • Jenifer S. of Cob Jockey writes, "GreenGuard is still the best muzzle out there IMO ... Their new and improved fit guide helped me get the fit perfect this year."

    cob jockey greenguard grazing muzzle review
    Connor in his raspberry GreenGuard muzzle, from Jenifer's Cob Jockey review.

Customer Testimonials:

  • Beau "actually lowers his head and puts his nose into the muzzle with zero encouragement...I give the muzzle a 15 on a scale of 1-10." - Mary Lee
greenguard grazing muzzle reviewsMary Lee's Beau, wearing his GreenGuard muzzle!
  • "Since using the muzzle -- has it been 3 weeks or a month? -- my horse has gone down 3 girth holes. It is so nice to have a muzzle that allows my horse to be more comfortable when it is hot out, yet still be safe while grazing lush pastures. I am very happy with the GreenGuard muzzle and halter." - Barbara A.
  • "I just had to tell you what a godsend these muzzles have been for our two easy-keeper mares! Finally, a muzzle that I can put on them without feeling like a monster, and a muzzle that allows them to graze for 12 hours and STILL lose weight. I've tried for years to balance hay bags and muzzled turnout and everything else under the sun to help our Mustang, in particular, lose weight without being confined to a dirt paddock 24/7, and this muzzle has been her Golden Ticket. I tell her every morning the muzzle is her best friend, and would you believe she never balks at having it placed? Not how she reacted to other muzzles, to be sure! Anyway, enough gushing...thank you again for creating this product...everyone around our farm is much, much happier because of it." - Cindy S.
Cindy's mares wearing GreenGuard grazing muzzlesCindy's easy-keeper mares wearing their GreenGuard grazing muzzles.
  • "It's the BEST INVESTMENT I've made for my pony... he can be out when it's hot and able to breathe...HAPPY PONY"
  • "My horse literally destroyed every muzzle I used on her. I bought this one and she is happy with it. She doesn't feel confined with it. I bought a padded breakaway halter to use with it. Other muzzles never lasted a day. This one has been on her 2 weeks and she hasn't even tried to get it off."
  • "I used Best Friends muzzles for a few years on my foundered horse and my overweight mare. I didn't like the fact that besides how cumbersome they were on their faces, they were extremely hot in the summer/fall months. They usually go thru 2 muzzles each a year. I switched to the GreenGuard muzzles and I love them.!!! They work very well and best of all, I think my horses are much happier! Thank you GreenGuard for designing a great muzzle!"

 grass muzzle pony

Older Testimonials, names lost to the mists of time

  • "I received this muzzle and halter on Wednesday and immediately saw the positive impact. When I use the standard basket muzzle, my horses try to snort it off but when I put this muzzle on, Snip gave no sign of distress at all. It took her a minute to figure out how to eat with it but soon she was happily grazing. I feel better knowing she can breathe and is cooler in this hot weather. It stayed on well so far and it helps that she is not trying to rub it off. I think I am going to like this and will be investing in two more for my other horses."
  • "Just received our muzzle yesterday. Love the design and my mini donkey Ollie is much happier to be hanging with his horse buddies. Highly recommend."
  • "I would highly recommend the GreenGuard Muzzle. It's cool and lightweight. I've tried many different muzzles, and they didn't last long because the horse hated them & tried to destroy them. While my horse doesn't want the GreenGuard Muzzle for his birthday, he allows me to put it on without fighting. And the GreenGuard Muzzle is into its second summer, a record for the muzzles I've tried."

fat pony

  • "I love this brand of grazing muzzle. Before now, I could only ever seem to find them in England. Being able to get it from the States is great. Time to put an order together I guess!"

fat horse mask

  • "My mare is a draft cross with a big nose and this does not rub her face at all even the straps don't bother her. She's destroyed every other grazing muzzle but the GreenGuard muzzle she happily puts her face right into!!"

insulin resistant horse


  • "Thank you, GreenGuard. This guy was obese when I got him and still has to lose some weight, but at least he can get a break from the dry lot and hay diet. He has destroyed every nylon muzzle known to man within hours, but the GreenGuard is holding up. Great product, happy owner, happy horse!"

horse mask drinking


  • "The only muzzles I've used on my horses that stay on and the horses seem happy out in pasture not sulking in a corner."


  • "Lighter and less bulky especially in hot weather."
  • "I have kept M & M closer to the house so I can monitor him and make sure he is doing well with the muzzle on. I'm thrilled to report he is! Only had to make one small adjustment and he's off and running, literally. Normally he would be locked into the dry paddock. Thank you again!"

cushings pony


  • "I'm so thrilled with these muzzles! My mini mule and donkey wear muzzles about 9 months of the year and I typically would go through 2 - 3 muzzles a piece each year as they would chew through the bottoms. That also meant, they weren't consistently having their intake restricted. I decided to give these a try and am so glad I did! So far, they aren't showing any wear and my "little kids" are looking better than ever! With the consistent grazing restrictions, I can actually feel ribs on the mule and she is right where she needs to be. They don't have rubs on their chins and noses! The residual effects of consistent, restricted grazing are showing up with coats looking and feeling better than ever, the donkey normally develops sores on his legs in the summer but so far we are sore free and his legs aren't coated in flies. This is the only overall management change so I have to give credit to the consistent, restricted grazing these muzzles have provided for my little kids! Definitely recommend these to everyone needing a muzzle, well worth the initial investment!"